How you can get involved

As well as welcoming casual visitors to the Museum, it is important to us that those of you with a special interest, skill or a special requirement, have the opportunity to get more involved.

Whether you are an individual, a group, a school, college or business we can tailor your experience to meet your particular needs. Whilst individual requirements will differ, experience has shown that they tend to fall into the following categories.

As a Volunteer

If you want to contribute some time to help run the museum, you can volunteer to do one or more of the following.

  • Provide support to the Front of House Team either on reception or as a guide.
  • Help our Research Team manage the archives and mount special exhibitions and displays.
  • Provide your experience, specialist skill or knowledge to meet a particular requirement.

If you are interested in volunteering to help or want to know a bit more about what is involved please contact one of the Team Leaders.

As a Member

Playing a key role in supporting the Museum, our membership provides an essential core of dedicated enthusiasts without whom we could not function. As a member you would become a champion for the Museum within the community, providing not only a welcome financial contribution but also a new voice to influence the way the Museum is run.

As a member you can attend get-togethers, formal meetings, exhibition previews and occasional talks and presentations. You of course get free entry to the Museum and regular Newsletters as well as updates via the Museum’s Facebook page. Furthermore, your membership entitles you to apply for selection and subsequent election to the Board of Trustees. For a Membership application form either drop by the museum and pick one up or download one here:

As a Researcher

Whether you are a member or not, in addition to the many displays at the Museum, there is a wealth of information secured backstage in our archives. If you would like to research deeper into a particular subject and cannot find the information you want readily available or within one of the publications on sale at reception, you can make application to Research Team Leader.

As a School or College

The Museum is always keen to welcome young people and to make their visit both fun and educational. In particular, we would like to continue to liaise and collaborate with schools and colleges. We work with teachers to tailor educational sessions to inspire interest in the history of the town and the world in general.

Teachers wishing to arrange visits with groups of children should get in touch with the Bookings Team Leader at least four weeks in advance of your intended visit to enable us to make your visit as safe, relevant and enjoyable as possible.

Alternatively, if teachers want to explore what the Museum has to offer and how we may be able to provide an additional resource to complement your syllabus, we will be happy to help.

As a Business

We offer corporate membership to local businesses wishing to support the Museum. As well as receiving the normal membership benefits (see above) you will be able to arrange exclusive visits and tours for your employees and clients by prior arrangements with our Bookings Team Leader.

Special arrangements are also available to Corporate members for access to the museum for research and special events, contact the Booking Team Leader on the above link to discuss your requirements.

For membership details click here.

If you have special needs

Whether you are visiting for a short time or wanting to get involved as an individual or a group we will always endeavour to meet your requirements. As there are limitations with the building, we need to ensure everyone’s safety as well as making your experience as relevant and enjoyable as possible.

Individuals wishing to get more involved with the Museum than just a one-off casual visit, are best advised to get in touch with the Bookings Team Leader to discuss your requirements.

Organisations and Special Schools etc, are welcome to bring small groups of adults or children with special educational needs and/or disability to the Museum. To help cater for your needs however, it is essential that you notify the Bookings Team Leader at least four weeks in advance of your intended visit to enable us to make your visit as safe, relevant, interesting and enjoyable as possible

None of the above

If you want to get involved with the Museum but fit none of the above categories please get in touch with one of the Team Leaders and we will explore the possibilities together.