Whitstable Community Museum and Gallery will feature an array of Extraordinary Whitstable Women for the annual Heritage Open Days on the 6th-8th and 13th-15th September 2018.

In keeping with the 100th anniversary of some women obtaining the vote, Whitstable Community Museum is celebrating not only a local Suffragette but other women whose lives were examples of public service, or who sought to makes others’ lives better. The exhibition also looks at the lives of ordinary women who were remarkable in their own ways.

Entry to the Museum is free on both weekends and a children’s bunting-making activity on the Saturdays.


There will be a lecture by Ian Porter on Suffragettes and the lives of our celebrated women on Saturday 8th September at 17.00 hrs in the Umbrella Community Centre, Oxford Street, Whitstable.  [Opposite the Museum]

Tickets £4.00 are available from the Museum and Community Centre. Over 12 years old only.


1 – Anne Wilks                                    Indomitable Campaigner

2 – Dot Carsen                                   Driver to Queen Mary

3 – Rose Yates                                   Suffragette

4 – Ada Sharman                               Pioneer Nursing Leader

5 – Mary Hardy / Di Lamberton          Lifeboat Ladies

6 – Elizabeth Pearson                        Copperas Works Owner

7 – Dorothea Baird Irving                   Actress and Philanthropist

8 – Granny Shilling                             Largest Family in Whitstable

9 – Helen Jourd                                  First Girl Guide

10 – Fanny Wood                               The Whitstable Imposter

11 – Phoebe Ransley                         Publican of the Old Neptune

12 – Lilian Webb                                 Worked with WW2 Land girls